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James G. Clark, Utah County Lawyer

At the Law Offices of James G. Clark we focus primarily on litigation matters in Utah County. In other words, we handle matters that go to Court. We handle various types of cases, including: personal injury, insurance law, property damage, breach of contract, will contest, animal attack, divorce, domestic, and criminal defense. Because we limit our practice to the above areas of law, we have exceptional knowledge and skills for these types of cases.

Having Practiced in Utah County for over 25 years, James G. Clark has the knowledge, experience, and finesse to handle your legal issue in a professional and efficient manner. Whether your issue is personal or business related, Jim will provide you with competent, clear-cut advice, and dedicated representation in the following areas of law: criminal defense, personal injury, estate planning, contract disputes, property law, construction law, insurance law, and family law.

To set an appointment for a consultation call (801) 375-1717 or send an email.

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